Baltimore advertisers have no beef with Rush Limbaugh

Though national advertisers are fleeing Rush Limbaugh after he called a birth control activist a slut, Baltimore seems immune to the exodus.

Executives at WCBM, 680 AM, the affiliate that airs the Rush Limbaugh show locally, said Tuesday that not a single advertiser has dropped out.

According to promotions director Eddie Applefeld, the worst that's happened is the station has fielded "about 30" phone calls. And traffic to the station's website spiked about 25 percent -- if that's a problem.

"There hasn't been anything hair raising," Applefeld said. "I think we've just about reached the peak and we're coming back down. He made his apology.

"Today is already less than yesterday and by tomorrow, it will be just another episode."

However, Bob Pettit, the station's general manager, did tell the Sun that some advertisers did "postpone" their ads on Limbaugh's show because of the controversy. He would not say which advertisers.

"A very few of our loyal advertisers have expressed their concerns about the controversy and have temporarily postponed their advertising in Rush Limbaugh on WCBM," he told The Sun in an email.

Saturday the right-wing talk-show host apologized for calling a Georgetown law student a "slut" after she spoke in support of President Barack Obama's contraception coverage policy.

But by then, outcry over Limbaugh's remark had already prompted several of his sponsors to pull support from the show.

The Limbaugh program, which airs in the afternoon on WCBM, is far and away the station's most popular program, Appelfeld said.

He said two advertisers did call the station with concerns, but both of them decided to stay with the program.

Pettit chalked up the few complaints the station did get to "a group of liberal activists."

"We have had a number of calls and emails from a group of liberal activists in their attempt to silence the voice of conservative radio," he said. "Most of these people never listen to WCBM or Rush and it is clear to our Rush sponsors that they don't represent the WCBM listener or their customers."


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