'Saturday Night Live's' Kate McKinnon attempts Baltimore accent as Sturdy Barbie

'Saturday Night Live's' Kate McKinnon attempts Baltimore accent as Sturdy Barbie
Colin Jost, Michael Che, and Kate McKinnon as Sturdy Barbie during Weekend Update (Dana Edelson/NBC)
The Baltimore accent made an appearance on the NBC show "Saturday Night Live" this weekend — or an attempt at one, at least.
In Saturday’s "Weekend Update" skit, cast member Michael Che introduced comedian Kate McKinnon’s character, Sturdy Barbie, a woman whose body type didn’t make the cut for Mattel's newest realistic Barbie doll designs. And it sounds like Sturdy Barbie hails from Baltimore. 
If there was any question what dialect McKinnon was going for, the reference to her job at Baltimore Washington International airport gave it away.
"And no, I'm not playing astronaut, I'm not playing veterinarian. I am for real — clocking 60 hours a week behind the lost baggage desk at Baltimore International Airport," Sturdy Barbie said. (And yes, it did sound more like "Bawlmer.")
Of course, the Internet weighed in — some thinking McKinnon’s accent had Baltimore written all over it:

Twitter user @jamaisvoodoo tweeted, “#SturdyBarbie is rockin' a spot-on #Baltimore accent, hon. @nbcsnl #snl

And user @mattygorton agreed, tweeting, “#sturdybarbie has the sickest #baltimore accent #SNL

While others weren't so sure:

Twitter user @LAFinfinger tweeted, “Everyone is saying that #SturdyBarbie #snl has a Baltimore accent but I'm hearing Pittsburgh 100%. Sounds like home.” 

And @LaurieFromMiami tweeted, “Philly or Baltimore idk? #SNL 

And a few thought she had work to do:


@kat_tempura tweeted, “catching up on SNL, legit took me a minute to recognize Kate McKinnon's Baltimore accent oh god help I'm spending too much time near Dundalk”

@tallichair tweeted, “#SNL #SturdyBarbie your accent is BAD! Sincerely, everyone in #Baltimore.”

You can watch the skit and judge for yourself here.