Best movies of 2012, according to John Waters

John Waters
(Lloyd Fox, Baltimore Sun Photo)

When trying to decide between one movie and another, consider asking yourself WWJW do? John Waters -- ever the connoisseur -- filled in ArtForum on his favorites from the year.

The magazine asked Waters and a few other artists to share their favorite movies of 2012. Don't be surprised if you don't recognize all (or any) of the titles from the local multiplex.

Here are the Baltimore filmmaker's top three:

3. "Paradise: Love." A film by Ulrich Seidl. Here's how Waters describes it to Artforum: "Middle-aged women sex tourists can be just as piggish as their male counterparts. But when the sexually exploited begin to exploit back, who';s the victim? The audience, that's who, and we deserve it."

2. "Paradise: Faith." Another one by Ulrich Seidl. Waters' wrap-up for Artforum: "Fassbinder died, so God gave us Ulrich Seidl. I laughed uproariously throughout this horrifying portrait of a religious fanatic, and if there's something the matter with you, you will, too."

1. "The Deep Blue Sea." From director Terence Davies. Waters' Artforum capsule: "The agony and passion of obsessive love and a broken heart are so well wrought here that you'll wish you were suicidal over someone who didn't love you back."

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