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Eagle gives baby snake a break: Maryland police officer returns reptile found in home to the wild

An act of kindness by an Eagle saved the day for one little snake.

Officer Erik Eagle, with the Laurel Police Department, was called to a home on Haynes Road for a report of a snake, which turned out to be a baby Maryland Brown snake hiding under a bucket in the living room, the department wrote on Facebook.

The officer transported the snake to Riverfront Park and released it. Police officials say snakes have been looking for dry places to hide from all the rain.

And this wasn’t the only run-in between wildlife and law enforcement in the Baltimore area this weekend. A Harford County sheriff’s deputy rescued 10 ducklings from a storm drain Sunday.

Eagle’s snake rescue drew community praise when it was announced on social media today.

“Usually when an Eagle catches a snake, it's bad news for the snake! Thanks for protecting and serving every living thing,” one Facebook commenter wrote.

Continue ssssserving, Officer Eagle.

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