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Lovers of Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel can now take home a plush version of him

Mr. Trash Wheel fans have long admired him from the banks of Baltimore’s Harbor. Now, lovers of the trash-collecting wheel can take him home.

Stuffed Mr. Trash Wheel toys are officially for sale.

The Healthy Harbor Initiative of Baltimore partnered with South Florida-based toy manufacturer, Budsies, to produce the stuffed toys. The 16-inch plush trash collectors are being pre-sold for $30 each.

The proceeds will help the Healthy Harbor Initiative continue to clean garbage from the harbor.

Mr. Trash Wheel rose to local stardom in 2014 when he started guzzling pizza boxes, plastic bags, cigarette butts and other trash discarded in the harbor. He has since inspired T-shirts, his own beer and songs. The most hardcore Mr. Trash Wheel fans have tattoos in his honor.

The machine uses solar and hydro power to collect garbage before it can reach open water. Mr. Trash Wheel has collected almost 850 tons of debris since 2014.

Fellow trash-collecting water wheels Professor and Captain Trash Wheel joined the family in 2016 and 2018, respectively. They do not have plush replicas — yet.

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