Subway restaurants as subway stops: Map imagines what Baltimore's metro would look like using sandwich shops

Wouldn’t it be cool if catching a subway ride in Baltimore was as convenient as buying a sandwich?

The city’s 15-mile Metro Subway system consists of only one rail line, from Owings Mills to Johns Hopkins Hospital. But that hasn’t stopped people over the years from dreaming of a more connected regional heavy-rail transit system.

In the latest iteration, Reddit user 1map_dude1 replaced Baltimore’s ubiquitous Subway restaurants with subway stations in a map that resulted in a seven-line, 55-station subway system.

That’s still a smaller system than a similar, 140-stop regional map created by Baltimore resident Chris Nelson in 2013. And, as 1map_dude1 pointed out on Reddit, it’s one of a series of sandwich-shops-reimagined-as-transit-stops maps that Redditors have been posting over the years.

The responses to the most recent map were, well, perhaps what you’d expect:

“This one is bloody brilliant.”

“This would almost make our city functional. Almost.”

“You monster. Why would you tease us like that?”

Redditor 1map_dude1 did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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