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We're loud and proud: Viral video satirizes Maryland mania

Marylanders: A little obsessed?

A new video pokes fun at the Maryland mania of certain residents, insinuating they refuse to leave home, derive sexual pleasure from Old Bay seasoning and cling desperately to the list of D-list celebrities from our state. (Who … us?)

Posted by Baltimore-based comedy team Krewski, the NSFW video has gained more than 4,000 shares since it was posted to Facebook nine days ago. It depicts a visitor from California being bombarded with dubious claims about Maryland’s superiority to other states: including that “no self-respecting crab would ever leave the Chesapeake.”

The video concludes with a Braveheart-style monologue by “Tommy Johnson,” who carries a staff made of Natty Boh cans. In Johnson’s immortal words: “Where else can you get good pit beef with tiger sauce and go to a strip club at the same time?”



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