Travel host Samantha Brown pays a visit to Baltimore, Nancy by SNAC

Samantha Brown, host of “Samantha Brown’s Places to Love,” spent the past few days filming in the Baltimore area, according to a show representative.

Brown stopped by Nancy by SNAC, the art cafe located in Station North, which closed for the morning to accommodate the filming, according to a post on the cafe’s Facebook page.

“It was fabulous to be in the room with somebody who’s traveled and seen so many things, and they pick you as something the nation needs to see. That’s an honor,” said cafe owner Kevin Brown.

Brown said the crew stayed for about three hours and interviewed the cafe owner as well as Baltimore artist Joyce Scott. Then everyone ate lunch: grilled cheese, tomato soup, cornbread, potato salad and lemon ginger tea.

“Samantha Brown was just an absolute delight — I adopted her as my ninth sister,” Brown joked on account of their same last names. “She did her homework but was inquisitive enough to want to know about the city.”

The “Places to Love” team told Brown the episode would air in the fall and that they had also visited The American Visionary Art Museum, the Frederick Douglass statue in Fells Point and HonFest, among other landmarks.

On Sunday, Samantha Brown posted a video while trying on a wig.

“Hey Hon! With one wig I’m a red head and 6 inches taller! Loving my Hon make-over,” she wrote on Instagram. “Now I just need to brush up on my Bawlmerese!”

“Samantha Brown’s Places to Love” airs Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. on WMPT.

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