A Preakness proposal: Couple gets engaged in winner's circle

For couple Kevin Foreman and Olivia Ryan, Preakness has been an important tradition.

Both Ryan, of Annapolis, and Pikesville resident Foreman, whose father also chairs the National Corporate Horsemen's Association, grew up around horseracing and attend the Preakness every year. So when Foreman thought about when and where to propose, the decision was relatively easy.

Saturday afternoon, Foreman got down on one knee and popped the question surrounded by jockeys readying for the seventh race of the day at Preakness in the winner’s circle. Ryan said yes.

"What better place than the winner's circle in front of all these people?" he asked.

"The track has always been a special place," Foreman said of Pimlico.

Now it’s a little more special.





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