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Lyft is challenging 50 Baltimore-area residents to ditch their car for 30 days

Could you go 30 days without your car?

Lyft is challenging 50 Baltimore-area residents to go a month without a car in their latest program “Ditch Your Car.”

The competition, which will also be held in Toronto and more than 30 cities around the U.S., kicks off today and runs through Nov. 6, offering transportation credits to participants valued at around $520.

Participants who are chosen from the challenge will receive an email with more details and a package, which is slated to include an all-access Lyft pass, valued at $300; a month subscription to Zipcar; and $90 in MTA credits, which includes access to the Lightrail as well as the local bus and metro systems.

Mike Heslin, market manager for Lyft Baltimore, stated that “Ditch Your Car” is a physical manifestation of Lyft's vision of creating a more sustainable and efficient transportation system.

“It's not about any one mode or service that will really improve the way our cities run,” said Heslin, adding that Baltimore includes a variety of public transportation and services like the Charm City Circulator bus and water taxis. “It's about people really thinking differently about how they get around and ultimately changing their behavior. We think that that answer will lead to a multimodal transportation future.”

Heslin said the competition will also feature pre- and post-program surveys for participants, who will divulge details about their experience and their behavior.

“We really want to know how it feels to go without your car without a month and how that lifestyle changes, what it means to people day-to-day,” he said.

To sign up, visit

*Update: After a back-and-forth, the company Zipcar has now decided to contribute to the “Ditch Your Car” promotion in Baltimore as originally planned, according to a Lyft spokesman. The program’s MTA credits have also been increased to $90, making the total transportation package $520.


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