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Ben Jealous has friends in high places: Candidate says he smoked pot with Dave Chappelle

Who knew that the Maryland governor’s race could provide a plotline for the next Cheech & Chong movie?

At a debate Thursday, Democratic candidate Ben Jealous allowed that, years ago, he smoked some marijuana with his friend, comedian Dave Chappelle. And while the other five candidates joined Jealous in supporting the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, none could match the star power of the former NAACP leader’s anecdote. (Fellow candidate Alec Ross also said he had smoked marijuana as a much younger man.)

In becoming — as far as we know — the first Maryland gubernatorial candidate to admit to smoking weed with a celebrity, Jealous made people take notice.

“Being a stoner doesn’t make you a good governor,” one concerned citizen posted on “We should definitely vote for this guy because he’s smoked pot with Dave Chappelle,” cracked another, in a post dripping with sarcasm. “He’s clearly the most qualified candidate.”

And then there was this commentator who clearly wasn’t impressed (and who clearly has seen “Step Brothers” too many times), writing, “I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.”

Sharing a toke with a noted philanthropist and hospital funder who’s been dead since 1873? Now there’s a distinction worth celebrating! Not to mention a dream sequence worthy of Cheech & Chong at their stoned-cold finest.

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