Gov. Larry Hogan and first lady adopt two dogs from BARCS

From BARCS rescues to Maryland’s “FURst” Dogs, two canines have found a home with Gov. Larry Hogan and first lady Yumi Hogan.

Hogan, who is running for reelection, tweeted Wednesday about the recent adoption of a mother shih tzu named Anna, short for “Annapolis,” and a puppy named Chessie, short for “Chesapeake.”

The couple got input on the dogs’ names from Marylanders, Yumi Hogan wrote in an email to The Baltimore Sun

“We thought it was only fitting that the dogs had names that connected them to Maryland,” she wrote.

Hogan also gave a shoutout to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, which had rescued the dogs.

The adoption of the two dogs follows the Hogans’ loss of their 16-year-old shih tzu, Lexi, who died in December 2016, and Hogan’s signing of three animal-related bills in April. The bills included a ban on so-called “puppy mills” and phasing sales of dogs in retail pet stores, along with barring people convicted of animal cruelty offenses from owning or living with animals for as long as a judge deems necessary.

Hogan had hinted at a possible adoption last month.

“It’s a little lonely around the governor’s mansion,” Hogan had told animal welfare advocates. “I think it’s time.”

But Yumi Hogan said they weren’t actively looking to adopt before the bill signing. That all changed when they saw the puppies and their mother, who resembled the Hogans’ previous dog. The first lady said it felt like a sign.

“It was puppy love at first sight,” she said.

Now, the dogs are settling into their new home, eagerly exploring the Government House and the lawn.

“We love having furry friends in the house again,” Yumi Hogan said.

Baltimore Sun reporter Michael Dresser contributed to this report.


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