Plans to open Hampden cat cafe abandoned

The Baltimore Sun

After months of preparation, plans to open the Neko No Kafe — a place for cats and cat lovers — in Hampden have been abandoned. It would have been the second such establishment in that neighborhood, joining Charm Kitty Cafe.

The Neko No Kafe project, which got underway last fall, ran up against “unforeseen circumstances,” wrote owner Amanda Bennett in a Facebook post. Those circumstances include damage to the building on Falls Road caused by a fallen tree, resulting in “severe water damage and mold, furthering the delay in construction.”

Bennett wrote that she does not have “enough funds to find a new space, so it’s time for me to personally regroup and rebuild. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know my passion for helping animals is unwavering, and I’ll continue to try and find ways to give back to the animal community.”

Neko No Kafe (Japanese for “cat cafe”) was to have partnered with Baltimore-based Passport Animal Rescue to provide the cats, which would have been housed separately from the food and drink area.


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