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BARCS waives adoption fees after influx of dogs

The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter is waiving its dog adoption fees for the weekend.

In a Facebook post, BARCS announced it would do away with adoption fees due to an influx of dogs. The shelter accepted 108 animals in 24 hours and lacks the space to house them all, according to the post. Fees will be waived until Sunday at 4 p.m.

“The summer months are always the hardest for our shelter. A majority of the animals are strays, either picked up by Animal Control or found and dropped off by the public,” BARCS communications director Bailey Deacon said in a statement about why so many dogs were dropped off in 24 hours.

“BARCS is an open-admission facility, which means when we are very full, we continue to keep our doors open to any animal in need,” the post reads.

BARCS is looking to loving homes and approved rescue groups to take the dogs. Those interested in adopting should bring a valid ID or proof of address. Baltimore City residents are still responsible for a $10 city licensing fee.

For more information, contact the shelter at 410-396-4695.



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