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Expedia names Baltimore as one of the 10 smelliest cities

Travel to Baltimore, and you’re bound to get a whiff of some interesting aromas — but what Expedia defines as Charm City’s signature scent might surprise you. Get ready to inhale.

The travel company’s viewfinder blog named Baltimore one of the country’s 10 smelliest cities, citing its freshly baked bread as giving an overwhelming aroma that is bound to make you feel at home while you're here and will transport you back to the city with nostalgic memories of Charm City when you’re away.

Schmidt Baking Co., H&S Bakery, Hoehn’s Bakery and the Batch Bake Shop made the list as places that emit the scent of freshly baked bread and pastries that will wrap “you in a warm hug” and leave you salivating.

Other cities with memorable smells include Lexington, N.C., known for its scent of barbecue; Gilroy, Calif., for its garlic; Chicago for chocolate; Washington Island, Wis., for lavender; Miami for its Cuban coffee; Milwaukee for its beer; and Buffalo, N.Y., for its cereal.


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