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Woody Harrelson bicycles through Baltimore

Yes, that really was actor Woody Harrelson tooling around Baltimore on a bike Friday afternoon. Master illusionist David Blaine was in tow, according to Joe Traill, the owner of Joe's Bike Shop in Fells Point.

Traill said that Harrelson has been a customer of his ever since he came in Baltimore in 2011 to film "Game Change."

"I think a bike is his preferred mode of transport around the city," Traill said. But, he said, this was the first time Blaine had ever been inside the shop.

Traill snapped a photo of Harrelson in his shop and emailed it to his wife, who posted it on Facebook. He described the pair as "incredibly down to earth and low-key," but said that his celebrity customers didn't mention what they were doing in Baltimore, how long they planned to stay or where they were going to ride.

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