Terrence Cody: Does this Ravens jersey make me look fat?

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NFL players of size -- including some Ravens -- are saying that the new Nike jerseys are less than flattering to their figures.

In a word -- they make them feel fat.

A funny Wall Street Journal story says unlike the old Reebok jerseys, the new ones made by Nike are slimmer fitting, something called the "body-contoured fit." While the more lithe players applaud less material, the larger ones -- like the Ravens' Terrence Cody and Arthur Jones -- aren't happy and feeling like sausages in casing.

"I don't really care for the new jerseys," the 349-pound Cody told the Journal. "I feel like they should put different material in for the big guys."

Like what -- Spanx?

Jones, a lineman that weighs in at 315 pounds tells the Journal he needs more material. Much more.

He told the paper he wants "huge."

Players told the paper that the jerseys emphasize their guts and hike up during plays.

Cody said it's particularly a problem when they get wet -- like they did during last week's game against Cleveland.

"It feels like it tightens up and stuff, it's hard to breathe, it constricts," he told the Journal.


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