Nicole Johnson gets candid about rough patches with Michael Phelps, Boomer's Instagram and more

Nicole Johnson says there were times when she "loathed" Michael Phelps during their off-and-on relationship.

Dating an Olympian — especially the most decorated one of all time — isn’t always easy, according to Nicole Johnson.

Michael Phelps' fiancee chatted with Cosmopolitan magazine recently, dishing details about the couple’s lives — including their soon-to-be 4-month-old son, Boomer — along with her take on cupping, Ryan Lochte's robbery claims, Phelps’ “bulge,” and rough patches in their relationship. 

“There definitely were times, and I think Michael would say the same thing, where I hated him. We were at odds at times,” said Johnson, who dated Phelps on and off for several years before their February 2015 engagement. “Even when I loathed him, there were still times when I was like, ‘God, I wish I was with him.’”

The former Miss California USA blamed some of the turbulence in their relationship on “bad timing.”

“Michael and I both know that had we tried to have a child and get married in the previous time we were together, it probably would not have ended pretty. We both had a lot of growing up to do.”

But the two seem to be in a better place now. According to the interview, Johnson and Phelps are planning for their wedding (Phelps even has given input on the flowers) and fitting in time for date nights.

Johnson also discussed getting back to her career interests — when she and Phelps started dating, "his career essentially came first," she said. Meanwhile, Phelps, who is in retirement after winning six gold medals in the Rio Olympics, is thoroughly enjoying manning Boomer’s personal Instagram page (it has more than 670,000 followers).

Some highlights from the interview:

On Boomer’s Instagram page:
“I don't think Michael or I expected it to blow up the way that it did. The day he was born, we got his name [on social media], just because we wanted to make sure we had that handle."

On the Ryan Lochte’s Rio debacle:

“My first gut reaction was, ‘Why in the heck were you out in Rio like this?’ ... Again, it's sad. Rio was amazing. They did a phenomenal job at keeping things safe for everyone and making sure the athletes were very well taken care of, including the families. The number of fans Michael and Boomer had, they're very loving people. It's a shame they've been painted in such a negative light because of what Ryan did.”

On cupping, and whether they’d try it on Boomer:
“I personally love cupping, but I haven't done cupping on him. I think we're both kind of like, ‘He's so young and doesn't have a lot of muscle,’ but we know there's major benefits behind it. Actually, it's something I want to research now that you're bringing it up — I'm curious to hear what people have to say about that. Michael doesn't think it's right. He's only 4 months and he thinks it's weird.”

On people’s comments on Phelps’ *ahem* nether regions:
“It goes with the territory. He's a swimmer and you leave little to the imagination. I laugh about it. When he very first met my grandmother, she said, ‘I didn't recognize you because you're not in your Speedo.’”

To read the full interview, visit Cosmopolitan.

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