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Mrs. Puff, the Hampden storefront cat, has a gentleman caller

He was a stray from the mean streets of Hampden, with a soft spot for belly rubs.

She was an upscale shop cat who spent her days napping in a sunny window on the Avenue.

He spotted her there one day last month, snoozing among the blow-up pink flamingos and eyeshadow cases. He fell in love.

Since then, says Debra Stoll, owner of Kiss N' Makeup on the Avenue, this white and gray tom cat has parked himself on the sidewalk in front of the store each afternoon at four o'clock, singing to his love, Mrs. Puff.

"He does pine for her, I believe," said Stoll. "He is the loudest cat I ever heard."

Mrs. Puff, a former stray herself, is not impressed.

She rarely acknowledges her suitor, one of several who have paid court to her over the four years since Stoll rescued her. The few times he came into the shop, he embarrassed himself, since he has not been neutered.

Stoll, who has taken more than two dozen stray cats near the shop to the SPCA, is hoping to find someone to adopt Mrs. Puff's gentleman caller, who she believes is about a year old. 

He was skinny when he first started showing up, but since Stoll has been feeding him, he has filled out and looks quite healthy. He's a lover of both cats and people, Stoll said, and she believes he must have had a loving home before being abandoned.

"He just wanted someone to sit with him, canoodle with him and feed him," she said.




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