Mr. Trash Wheel gets his 'googly eyes,' temporarily

It's alive! Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel sprouted a pair of googly eyes, temporarily, for Halloween.

It's alive!

As a pre-Halloween trick and treat, Baltimore's Mr. Trash Wheel -- a water wheel in the Inner Harbor that filters refuse from the Jones Falls -- came to life with a pair of 4-foot-tall "googly eyes" on Friday.

The Healthy Harbor Initiative, which oversees the wheel, put them in place temporarily. Nearly 1,400 fans have signed a petition asking to let Mr. Trash Wheel see permanently.

Healthy Harbor officials said on the organization's Facebook page they were testing the eyes as a "proof of concept" for something more permanent.

"We think we could go even bigger with the googly eyes, but anything larger than four feet became a challenge to transport for this test shoot," they wrote.

And while they were at it, they loaned Mr. Trash Wheel's eyes to his friends around the harbor, trying them out on top of the Under Armour logo outside the sportswear brand's Harbor East store, the USCGC Taney, the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse on Pier Five, and a large horn sculpture at Pierce's Park.

Healthy Harbor Director Adam Lindquist made the googly eyes in his spare time.

The wheel has removed 331 tons of trash since it was installed in May, according to the initiative. It is helping work toward city officials' goal of making the harbor swimmable and fishable by 2020.

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