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Mr. Trash Wheel gets his googly eyes back for Light City Baltimore

Mr. Trash Wheel gets in on the Light City Baltimore fun with the return of his googly eyes.

With the return of his set of eyes, Mr. Trash Wheel won't have to miss out on witnessing the installations, lights or musical acts at the Light City Baltimore festival.

Mr. Trash Wheel, a water wheel in the Inner Harbor overseen by Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore's Healthy Harbor Initiative, tweeted a photo Thursday boasting a set of googly eyes and the text, "Guys, don't freak out but..." 

In a post on the organization's Facebook page, Healthy Harbor wrote, "Mr. Trash Wheel is getting his eyes in preparation for next week's Light City event. Thanks to our friends Key Tech for giving Mr. Trash Wheel sight!"

Halloween was the last time we caught a glimpse of Mr. Trash Wheel's peepers. Those were handmade by Adam Lindquist, the Healthy Harbor Initiative's director, in his basement.

"We piloted some googly eyes back in October, but they were literally just pieces of installation on sticks that we held up," Lindquist said. "That was just a test run to see whether or not they would look like anything."

The new eyes, constructed by Key Tech, are larger than the original ones — 5 feet in diameter — and made of aluminum, Lindquist said.

Lindquist said the organization hasn't yet decided if the googly eyes will be permanent, or used only for special events like Light City. Public reaction, he said, has been "overwhelmingly positive."

If you can't bear to take your eyes off of Mr. Trash Wheel, watch a live stream here.



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