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Michael Phelps' coach offers swimming -- and baking -- tips

The Baltimore Sun

One would expect Michael Phelps' coach Bob Bowman to know how to trim seconds from a race and how to perfect the butterfly stroke. But that's not all the famed swim coach is good for.

He's got culinary advice too.

Fellow swim coach Fernando Buenrostro asked Bowman today on Twitter: "What am I doing wrong if the chocolate cake I'm baking isn't fluffy? It looks like brownies."

Bowman immediately wrote back.

"You may be over beating the batter," the next Food Network star answered. "Also make sure your baking powder is not past it's use by date."

Well now.

Though it's considerably less known than his expertise in the pool, Bowman is something of a renaissance man.

When The Sun toured the home he built in Monkton not long ago, he proudly showed off his oiled bronzed kitchen appliances. He stocked quite a few spices and talked about cooking Tuscan roasted chicken for guests. He admitted to watching a fair amount of HGTV.

Prediction: Post-Olympic cookbook deal.

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