Mega Millions: Does a Baltimore psychic have the winning numbers?

The Baltimore Sun

With this week's Mega Millions pot holding a record-breaking $500 million prize, one could head to the closest quickie mart and leave the numbers up to the lottery machine gods. 

Or.... one could attempt a bit of strategy.

And who better to predict such a thing than one of the Baltimore area's card-carrying psychics? We got on the phone this morning to see if any of them were getting a divine line on Friday's drawing.

First we called Savetta Stevens, a psychic with a shop in Mount Washington.

"It's so exciting," she gushed about the big prize, "but."


"It takes time for me probably to study that."

Plus, she  added, "I don't play it because it's against my religion to play the lottery."

But before hanging up, Savetta said, "I thought you were calling about the Orioles."

The Orioles? You have psychic information about the Orioles?

"This year is going to be good," she said.

That's something! But no help with my ticket.

Next I tried Bess Sister on Pulaski Highway. She wasn't exactly psychically in tune with the Mega Millions. Or maybe she just hadn't read the paper or watched the news in the last 24 hours.

"Oh my god," she said. "$500 million?!? When does it come out so I can buy a ticket?"


I got the machine at Psychic Vibes in Baltimore, "Where seers and seekers connect." Unless, you know, they're not there.

"At this time our psychics are currently enhancing their spiritual gifted abilities," the machine said, adding that the are available, "Monday to Saturday 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Eastern standard time. Our psychics are off on Sundays to rest. Thank you."

The one listed in the book as "Maryland's Most Gifted Psychic," wasn't available either.

As despair began to creep in, someone in the office who heard I was looking for a psychic suggested I try Rie Sadler who had -- yippee -- heard all about Mega Millions.

"Oh yes, $500 million dollars," she said. "But," -- oh no, again with the but -- "I'm not a psychic. I do paranormal investigations.

"I wish I did have psychic abilities. It would be fun if I could predict numbers like that. I do ghost hunting."

Ok, work with me. Maybe a ghost had a line on the numbers?

"I get a lot of disembodied voices," she said. "I would love if they would give me some numbers. That's why I still work for a living."

That's why we all still work for a living. Sigh.

Psychic Sister Faye on Park Heights Avenue couldn't help because she was on a spiritual retreat for Easter, apparently missing the whole shebang.

And then, lastly, Sabrina, of Psychic Insight by Sabrina.

Not the one. She told me she had played the drawing earlier this week and her ticket was just as much a dud as all of ours.

"I'm not able to see the numbers," she said. "But I got three numbers out of six."

That's not bad! Did she have anything on Friday's pot?

"I'm not at the place right now to tune into it," Sabrina demurred. "I'm a little bit busy. I really just can't 'take a moment' to look into it. It takes longer than a moment to channel those numbers."

I guess we're on our own. Good luck out there.


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