'Bachelorette' bait to include Baltimorean Brian Jarosinski

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Could "The Bachelorette" go for a Bawlamer boy? Could be...

When the ABC show has its season premiere Monday, May 27, one of the contenders for the hand of bachelorette Desiree Hartsock will be introduced as Brian, a 29-year-old financial adviser from Baltimore.

Brian is, in fact, Brian Jarosinski, a financial services representative for Gateway Capital Financial, an office of MetLife (although the website misspells Brian's name as "Jaronsinski," it's him). According to his bio on ABC.com, Jarosinski was born in Olney; is 6'-2", wears size 13 shoes and has no tattoos; lists his three favorite movies as "The Rock," "'The Notebook" and "The Count of Monte Cristo"; and professes to be "very neat."

Jarosinski also says he's never come close to being married, would like to be Donald Trump for a day and that his perfect date would involve "great meal, great conversation[with] eyes locked the whole time, hands held, doesn't need to be fancy."

For the full ABC.com bio, including handwritten responses to some profile questions (including "Do you consider yourself a romantic and why?") click here.

An ABC spokeswoman said Jarosinski was prohibited from talking to media outlets about his "Bachelorette" experience.

He also played on the University of Maryland's baseball team as an outfielder/DH, hitting 16 home runs as a sophomore in 2004 and driving in 58 runs. See his baseball stats through his junior year here.

We also know that Jarosinski was a star of the local reality show "Good Fellows of Baltimore," where seven Baltimore men tried to improve the lives of local families. Vincent E. Sharps, chief operations officer for Columbia-based Graphic Press, was also on the show and says Jarosinski is his best friend.

"He's a great guy," says Sharps, 35, who says the two have known each other for about seven years. "On paper, the guy is just about perfect...he's clean cut, conservative. He's the guy I call when I need someone to talk me out of some risky venture."

Sharps makes his friend sound fairly risk-averse -- a good trait for a financial manager, perhaps, but not someone you'd expect to see courting a prospective girlfriend on national television. What made Jarosinski do it? we wondered.

"I'm a little surprised he actually went on the show," Sharps says. "I think it's great he's trying to find something that's maybe missing...Love, I guess.

"It's not something that I would take on," Sharps says of his friend's oncoming celebrity, "but more power to him."

There's also a tantalizing tidbit from ABC's press release announcing Desiree's 25 suitors, which talks of a "Suave, debonair financial adviser with a dark secret in his past." Ohhhhh....

One final note: Jarosinski has apparently signed-on with a D.C.-area PR firm, Social DC Public Relations. Social DC co-founder Jamie Drucker says they'll be helping him with charity work, beginning with an appearance Thursday at Arlington's Wilson Tavern, 2403 Wilson Blvd., where he'll be one of the attractions at a Western-themed party raising money for local charities.

"He does a lot of charity work in Baltimore and D.C." Drucker says.

Let's just hope Desiree Hartsock is the kind of girl who will find that sort of altruism attractive.





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