Ken Ulman needs your Redskins shirt to pick up garbage in

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Can someone loan Ken Ulman a shirt he can wear to pick up another county's garbage?

Don't everyone line up at once.

After his bet on Sunday's Ravens game went sour, the Howard County executive has to make good on what he promised Prince George's County Executive Rushern Baker. Sometime this week Ulman must put on a Robert Lee Griffin III jersey and wear it to pick up roadside trash in  Redskins terriotory while singing the team song.

"All my Redskin fan friends are coming out of the woodwork today, giving me a hard time.," Ulman said in a video he posted Monday on You Tube. "Yes, later this week I will be cleaning trash on the side of a Prince George's County road, while singing 'Hail to the Redskins', while wearing an RG3 jersey."

Ulman wants Redskins fans to Tweet him pictures of their shirts if they're willing to lend it to him. "Obviously," he says, "I don't have one."

If anyone has a shirt for Ulman, something they wouldn't being returned sticky with road grime and flop sweat, his Twitter handle is: @kenulman.

Ulman closes the video by glumly attempting a few bars of  the Redskins song -- which he doesn't seem to know offhand.

"This is going to be ugly," he says. "Stay tuned."

Watch the video here:

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