Glen Burnie woman wields savings skills on 'Extreme Couponing'

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A Glen Burnie woman's savings savvy has landed her an appearance on the reality show "Extreme Couponing."

People can tune in to TLC, starting tonight, to see Zadia Hardy, a 37-year-old project manager, work her magic at the cash register.

On her episode, which was filmed over two days at Saubel's Market in Whiteford, Hardy finds a way to buy frozen vegetables, which usually cost about $3 a bag, for just 17 cents. She got about 90 of them. She also gets seasoning mixes for free and brings home more than 100 of those.

"Any time I'm shopping I shop with a purpose and have a strategic plan," Hardy tells Insider, adding that the grocery run on the show is probably her biggest trip ever.

Hardy has been smitten with coupons since she was a little girl, taking scissors to the glossy pictures while her mother clipped for savings. She didn't start relying on them though until she lost her job three times in the last several years. Now she also blogs about saving money on

Hardy's goal, she says, is to get groceries that are "free or super cheap." In 2011, her year-to-date savings at her favorite supermarket topped $7,000. She's a self-described stockpiler, keeping as much as $10,000 worth of products stacked in her home at any given time.

"When everyone was racing to the store to stock up for Sandy, I didn't have that concern," says Hardy, who regularly plays Santa with the goods, giving them out to family, friends and various charities.

Her motto: "Don't spend money unless you're saving money."

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