Celebrities spotted in Baltimore

A few big names parachuted into the city in 2012, sending off some excitement before they zipped off to the next big thing. It became sport to spot Kevin Spacey, who was in town a lot while filming "House of Cards." There he was in a fedora at Preakness, there he was at a Naval Academy game and sipping cocktails with friends in Annapolis on the deck of Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge and, whoa, he showed up at a Mount Vernon Starbucks with none other than Bill Clinton. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (pictured) celebrated her return to Baltimore for "VEEP" with dinner at Cinghiale. Jane Fonda, who was filming in the area, had a tuna sandwich at Galway Bay in Annapolis. LeAnn Rimes spent a whole day off in Baltimore, breakfasting at B&O American Brasserie, shopping at the Harbor East J. Crew and winding down with an Aldo's dinner that started with veal meatballs and ended with housemade limoncello. Gordon Ramsay checked in on his "Kitchen Nightmares" handiwork at Cafe Hon. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, showed up to eat a turkey powerhouse that was reportedly neither shaken nor stirred at Stone Mill Bakery and then on to dinner at Charleston, where a slightly smitten chef Cindy Wolf welcomed him with a gift of porcini risotto. No matter what you thought you saw or heard, Bono, sadly, was not in town this year, though a very good impostor was.
Photo from whosay.com/julialouisdreyfus
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