Baltimore ranks among world's least friendly cities

Baltimore ranks among the "world's least friendly cities," according to one list.

Last year, we were fat and ugly. This year, we're mean.

Apparently, readers of Travel+Leisure don't find Charm City too charming.

Baltimore came in at No. 8 of 30 in the magazine's annual ranking of "the world's unfriendliest cities."  Yep, in the whole wide world.

T+L posits -- possibly correctly -- that April's unrest had a definitive impact on travelers' perceptions of the city.

"Charm City didn't live up to its reputation this year, and the recent protests likely played a large role in travelers’ disillusionment." But, it adds "That doesn’t mean Baltimore has lost its delights."

The magazine goes on to mention our theater scene, our bay views and of course, our crabcakes.

We're more unfriendly than Boston, Beijing, and even Washington, D.C. Really? We kindly beg to differ.

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