Karlayne's Datebook

Sun Staff

Out on DVD today is First Sunday, an African-American comedy about down-and-out thieves who attempt to rob a church.

Created and directed by Baltimorean David E. Talbert, the movie, which stars Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan and Katt Williams, reinforces seemingly laughable stereotypes of black men and black churches.

In one scene, flamboyant choir director (Williams) dances about as the First Hope Baptist Church choir is in full praise, singing Byron Cage's "The Presence Of The Lord Is Here."

Enter LeeJohn (Morgan) and Durell (Cube), who scope out the place for future mayhem.

As they sit in the pews, the two equate the experience to being in a club.

"Hey, you have any Cheez Whiz?" says Morgan after he grabs a handful of chips from a communion plate that is passed down his row. Later, after guzzling two glasses of communion wine, he asks, "Is there a two-drink minimum?"

The movie, which was popular with audiences and criticized by critics for being cliched in its January theater opening, was partially made in Baltimore.

Talbert, like filmmaker and playwright Tyler Perry, has a huge following on the urban/gospel theater circuit.

This was his movie debut, and you can expect more to come.

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