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A Night at Ethel's Place

Lucy Samorodin won't reveal her age, except to say "I'm old enough to have a 25-year-old granddaughter." But it's clear that whatever that number is, it doesn't stand in the way of keeping up with fashion or keeping in shape so that this Ruxton resident can wear what she loves. "I work out a couple of times a week. I lift weights. I do a lot of elliptical. One of my big passions is Pilates. And I play tennis," says the retired human resources specialist. "So I'm pretty active for an old girl. For "A Night at Ethel's Place" -- a fundraiser for Concert Artists of Baltimore, a professional chamber orchestra and chamber chorus -- Samorodin also showed how she still gets into some current trends. "This season, I'm actually into more color than I've ever been. And more dresses; I'm beginning to find them much more comfortable than pants," she says. "It's easier. Once you put on a dress, you're all done." HER STYLE: "I'm a combination of everything -- some trendy, some classic, Victorian sometimes." HER ENSEMBLE: Jewel print, stretch, off-the-shoulder long-sleeve two-piece jersey dress from Miami-based designer Julian Chang. "I know him from the gift and accessories shows in New York, which I go to a couple of times a year." Nude patent leather Jessica Simpson platform slingbacks from DSW. South Sea pearl necklace and earrings from a jeweler in New York at the Greenflea Market in New York City. "His name is Aki [Akbar Koleini]. He's wonderful. He copies every design you can have." Pearl and gemstone Modital Bijoux bracelets, also from gift shows. Diamond and sapphire ring and Bulova watch that were gifts from her husband. Sapphire and aquamarine bracelet from another New York designer, whose name escapes her. Unlabeled silver snakeskin clutch with crystal brooch that she's had for a while. SHOPPING HAS BEEN A LIFELONG PASSION: "I'm a big Loehmann's shopper. I grew up in Loehmann's with my mother, in New York. She used to drag me to there. I used to sit on the steps and watch her change clothes." ONE OF HER MOST MEANINGFUL LIFE EXPERIENCES: "I spent three years interviewing Holocaust survivors for Steven Spielberg's foundation [Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation]. ... I [listened to] the way they lived, the concentration camps where they lived, how they escaped or how they survived. With each interview, one of the major things I kept thinking was, would I -- at that time of my life -- have been able to survive under those circumstances? It was quite an in-depth question I kept presenting to myself. And I'm still never sure of the answer."
Karen Jackson, For The Baltimore Sun
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