Romance blossomed when WBFF anchor started working out with high-profile trainer

Justin Vitrano, 84, has attended all 60 home openers

Deep in the cellar beneath The Recher Theatre, Buddy Hilsberg curates a museum of sorts.

One man was killed and two others injured in separate shooting incidents overnight across the city, Baltimore police said.

'DWTS' competitors get down to business of dance at Owings Mills JCC

Loyola professor has earned second James Beard nom for book

From easing eye pain to installing fake testicles, some humans put their pets under the knife

Nutrition experts say it's fine for kids to be vegans as long as parents are careful.

Viral video craze prompts locals to don helmets, start dancing

Furniture chain pledged no charges for this weekend's purchases if a kick was returned for score

Gardiners pledged no charges for this weekend's purchases if a kick was returned for score to begin the game or the second half

Ian Sayre joins national outcry, won't sell two issues by gay-rights opponent

Team members show off Lombardi Trophy, thank fans

Union Memorial Hospital and Royal Farms among area advertisers

They've been married just over two years, but Andy and Seanne Herbick have already exchanged vows three times, most recently Sunday morning at their alma mater, Loyola University Maryland, with about 80 other steadfast lovebirds.

Love, loss define tales of Poe, Mencken, Fitzgeralds, Patterson, Wallis Simpson.

No Limit owner David Barron has worked on cars for Baltimore Ravens players Ray Rice, Ed Reed, Lardarius Webb.

Plenty of Redskins fans have hopped onto the bandwagon, but others having a harder time rooting for Baltimore Ravens.

Transplants congregate at Thieves Tavern in Mission District

West Baltimore rapper Los' 'Purple Reign' begins to make viral rounds

Ben Carson, Edward St. John, Eddie Brown, Frank Kelly share their personal experiences

Marquetta Sullivan, 56, of Annapolis, sparkled like a purple jewel on Lot J this morning — metallic ribbons in her hair, nine necklaces around her neck, frosted purple eye shadow and a Ravens' tattoo on her cheek — all for the playoffs and to mark her hero's last home game.

Baltimore, Washington fans enjoy a banner year for sports.

The region had a taste of a white Christmas on Monday and Tuesday forecasters predicted another chance of wintry weather on Wednesday.

Carrying on what's become a Baltimore tradition, hundreds of area Jews spent Tuesday up to their elbows in craft paper and care packages, working on community service projects for Mitzvah Day, now in its eighth year.

Intrepid reporter takes on the tough assignment: facials, massages and the like

Mirabelle inspired Micheal Muller to launch a new career based on his whimsical depictions of the dog.

Anthony Clark hadn't even gotten a plate of food and already he was overcome with emotion, just seeing friends, having a medical student check his blood pressure and knowing hundreds of people had given their time to make sure those needier had a taste of Thanksgiving.

Champion swimmer stands out in the swim lane, on the red carpet

Major obstacles turned out to be a gift, as overcoming them has lead to happier, perhaps even healthier, lives.

Baltimore-born puppeteer Kevin Clash resigns in the wake of a second allegation that he had sex with a minor.

'Top Chef' alum Bryan Voltaggio is intent on preserving family traditions.

Socialite to appear at Paul Reed Smith Guitars fundraiser for Kimmel Cancer Center.

Women account for 45 percent of the National Football League's fan base, according to league officials. The NFL is courting them like never before -- with pop-up boutiques at games, fan clubs where they feel at home and, of course, with a never-before-seen selection of team gear.

Ulman Cancer Fund's move diminishes Howard County competition's prestige, say critics

Baltimore City police report five shootings over weekend, two fatal.

Man dies in fire in Northwest Baltimore home Sunday morning.

Olympian's girlfriend is sporty, competitive and quick to laugh at herself

Maryland's new second family adds romance to a world of power, policy.

New regulations let Owings Mills couple program unmanned aerial vehicle to shoot photos

Creative Alliance sets stage for unusual alliance

The number of those without power in the Baltimore region dipped below 100 Saturday for the first time in more than a week.

U.S. Rep. Todd Akin's rape comments elicit ire from Md. groups, U.S. politicians

Obituary for Mary T. McMullen, special education teacher

The Food Network personality and Remington baker is working to build a healthier self

Fans weigh Purple Friday vs. Orange Friday; some eschew good taste to back both teams

Former owner of Senator Theatre 'unruly and inappropriate' at arrest, police say

The 'Ace of Cakes' has lost 30 pounds with a combination of a diet and this regimen

The fast-food chain set off a social media show-down as activists took to the streets of cyberspace to protest.

Baltimore police are investigating a pair of shootings that occurred late Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the city's Upton neighborhood.

According to Baltimore County police, officers responded at about 2 a.m. after reports of shots being fired in the 7100 block of Darlington Drive.

As hot weather beats down on Maryland, a Good Humor bar shortage makes certain favorites hard to come by

Baltimore child star Norman Chaney may not lie in an unmarked grave much longer, if fans have their way

A fire broke out Sunday morning in a Laurel apartment building, forcing about 40 people from their homes and injuring one firefighter.

With thousands of sailors in town looking for a good time, Baltimore gets a taste of Fleet Week

Once shunned by food snobs, slow cookers have a whole new cred

Accidents involving 'pedtextrians' are on the rise, researchers find

Even a lottery official, a woman who spends her days dealing in hundreds, thousands and, yes, millions, was having a hard time Thursday getting her head around this monstrous number: $540 million.

Millions are braced for the opening of "Hunger Games," the latest young adult book series to become runaway hit and then a movie and, it's looking like, a cultural phenomenon on the likes of "Harry Potter." Tickets to a number of the shows in the Baltimore area are already long gone.

Parishioners at Bethel A.M.E. honor John Richard Bryant, whose 50 years of service to the church began in Baltimore.

By some estimates, as much as a quarter of the country has cut back on gluten or eliminated it altogether. And yet, experts say less than 10 percent of us have a real problem with gluten. So everyone else? Those gluten-free muffins in your grocery cart are there for no good reason.

Architects live and breathe design, blissfully losing themselves in details most people would never notice — the bevel of a trim, the way light falls across a room, squared legs or curved. So what happens, we wondered, when two such aesthetes come together under one roof?

As the funding controversy swirled around Susan G. Komen for the Cure this week, much of the criticism was directed not at the group's president, but at Karen Handel, a Maryland native who serves as a senior policy adviser.

When Vinny Ragone heard the Dog Whisperer was going to be at a Baltimore pet store, and he could see him for free, he told his mother (who had never heard of Cesar Millan), "I've got to be there."

fire broke out early Saturday morning near the Poppleton neighborhood of West Baltimore.

Police officer, two others injured in Mount Airy crash Sunday morning.

Don't get overwhelmed by overly-ambitious goals. Fit Marylanders offer quick, attainable tips to stay healthy in the New Year.

Across the country, anonymous kindhearted strangers have been paying off layaway accounts this season — doing it with such frequency that folks have given them a name, "layaway angels."

The Spain-based representative for an influential Baltimore wine reviewer defended himself Wednesday amid accusations that he asked wineries for money in exchange for a visit from the critic. Pancho Campo said the money was for seminars, not visits for the purpose of reviewing wines.

After nine incidents were reported, the Maryland-based Epilepsy Foundation advises parents of seizure-prone children to skip film

Baltimore-area chocolatiers turn to old-fashioned, hand-crafted techniques to create luxurious confections.

In the shopping industry, it's an accepted truth that The Average Man is allergic to malls and finds holiday browsing about as appealing as dental work. So if men won't go to the malls, the vendors are coming to them.

A Baltimore-area oenophile has resigned as a critic for the influential Wine Advocate following allegations that a representative sought payments from vineyards for him to visit them. Jay Miller, the former co-owner of Bin 604 in Harbor East,

Baltimore's largest animal shelter has enrolled in Foster a Lonely Pet for the Holidays, an initiative which temporarily gives out animals

The publisher of The Wine Advocate said Monday he had embarked on a no-holds-barred investigation into an alleged payola scandal involving one of the publication's top critics.

Forced to choose between a sit-down dinner or watching the game, many football fans are taking their turkeys — and all the trimmings — to M&T Bank Stadium

Fox television's "Kitchen Nightmares," featuring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his decidedly tough-love approach to restaurant rehab, will be filming at Cafe Hon next week

Chazz Palminteri and his wife, Gianna, built a 7,000-square-foot house on seven acres 10 years ago in Bedford, N.Y. The couple insisted on a home that was big, warm and unambiguously Italian.

Demonstrators plan to camp out in the Inner Harbor, joining similar rallies in Los Angeles and Washington

The holidays are for family. But while we can squeeze folks around the table for turkey, or into the living room to unwrap presents sometimes they just have to sleep somewhere else. Here's a little help figuring out which hotels would best fit your relatives.

Ethan Phillip Weibman, 20, a short-time Baltimore resident who has returned to his hometown in Westchester County, N.Y., plead guilty to two counts of animal mutilation and another related charge, stemming from incidents earlier this year.

Helped along by its sticky, podlike seeds, wavyleaf basketgrass continues its march across Maryland where it threatens to take the top spot on the region's "most wanted" list of dangerous plants.

Danielle Tate founded MissNowMrs, a site that for $29.95, promises brides a honeymoon free of paperwork and waiting in line. Running since 2006, the Potomac-based business has helped about 85,000 women change their names.

As word began spreading Tuesday that the beloved movie "Diner" was being rejiggered as a Broadway show — with Sheryl Crow music, no less — the mood of the people could best be summed up with a universal head scratch.

Before big games in Ravens Country, we see the most enthusiastic fans changing into purple clothes, flying the team colors on their cars, layering on beads and painting their faces. But lately, the truly passionate are taking it all a step more purple by getting their dogs in the act.

Where's that dislike button when you need it? Facebook's 750 million users awoke Wednesday morning to some dramatic changes on the social media site. And what did they do? Immediately posted about just how much they despised every last bit of it.

Creators of the campaign, called "Show Your Soft Side" and featuring tough, strong athletes, want to convince kids in a city where youngsters have recently been charged with burning, beating and stoning animals, that real men love cats and dogs — they don't hurt them.

Corporations snap to attention when Scary Mommy tweets, and Simon & Schuster will release her first book next Mother's Day. All because when, say, she admits to swearing at her children under her breath, fans sigh with relief, responding, "Me too! Me too! Me too!"

Michelle Obama visits Hyattsville to unveil next stage in Let's Move campaign

In the 30 years since the aquarium opened, millions of visitors have experienced its sea life and stewardship. Its quixotic tilt on the skyline energized the waterfront. But on its pearl anniversary, the aquarium's biggest gift might be the one it has given to other cities — inspiration.

After a $6.1 million renovation and a two-year closure, Robert E. Lee will re-opening Friday, boasting all sorts of refinements — the centerpiece being a legal, fenced dog run that people will have to pay to use.

After a nationally televised victory, one imagines the Terps spending the next day basking in glory. Not waiting for a call from "What Not to Wear."

A kitten is suffering severe burns after being set on fire this week in East Baltimore.

Pneumonia killed one dolphin calf at the National Aquarium last month while internal bleeding took the life of another baby days later, according to results of a necropsy released Friday.

A Howard County family has found a way to the Maryland beach — with only a 40-minute drive.

Steven Akers has been a chief critic of Whiting's decision to trademark the word 'hon'

Sure, it was raining sideways, but that didn't stop people from lining up Friday evening in Harbor East for a taste of Baltimore's fledgling food truck scene.

From the exodus of middle class residents to the flight of manufacturing jobs, William Donald Schaefer confronted problems that challenged big city mayors across America. Inconsistent policies from the federal government helped create at least some of those problems.

WBAL-TV anchor's home is easy, inviting space

Eli Knauer, author of 'Adventures of a Koodie,' blogs about Baltimore dining from a kid's perspective

Ethan Phillip Weibman, a 20-year-old short-time Baltimore resident originally from an affluent town in Westchester County, N.Y., is scheduled to go on trial on charges of animal cruelty resulting in death, mutilating an animal and animal cruelty..

Cabbage Patch dolls, Commodore 64, "Bladerunner" are among the inspirations for a block-long art installation along Charles Street.

The owner of the franchise calls the beating 'reprehensible,' might take action against other workers

Two-month old female calf's cause of death unknown

Beloved burger franchise set to open this fall

Attack on Chrissy Lee Polis could raise support for long-stalled anti-discrimination bill in Maryland, transgender advocates say

Trading the county for the city, Debbie Phelps, the mother of Olympian Michael Phelps, is making a fresh start in a new Inner Harbor condo

Sally's Thorner's designer Christopher Howarth offers tips for re-upholstering

The snowball is having quite the star turn. The otherwise humble treat has spent the better part of the last century winning hometown hearts but steering clear of any sort of gourmet or hipster imprimatur.

There's always next year for the champion Samoyeds from Perry Hall

Leaving the nightly news behind, former WJZ anchor Sally Thorner sets out on a new life with new spaces in New York and Baltimore