Sister Catherine Cesnik case: Missing Nun Hunted

City homicide detectives are trying to reconstruct a two-hour time period Friday night to shed light on the disappearance of Sister Catherine Cesnik, the young teaching nun who vanished during a trip to a department store.
But police say they still have no reason to believe that Sister Catherine, 26, an English teacher at Western High School, might have been kidnapped.
Capt. John C. Barnold, Jr., chief of the homicide squad who is leading a five-man detachment looking for the nun, said residents of the Carriage House apartment complex, where Sister Catherine lived with another nun, remember seeing Sister Catherine’s car being driven into its reserved space at the apartment about 8.30, and other neighbors recalled seeing it parked in a second space at 10 30.
Sister Helen Russell Phillips, roommate of the missing nun, told police Sister Catherine left the apartment at 7.30 P.M. for a trip to a Catonsville bank and to an Edmonson Village shopping center department store where she planned to buy an engagement present for her sister. She did not return.
Her car was found early Saturday parked illegally about a block away from the apartment.
The Baltimore Sun is republishing archived coverage of the unsolved 1969 murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik, which is the subject of a Netflix documentary series set to debut May 19. Cesnik, a 26-year-old Baltimore nun, was reported missing in November 1969 and her body was found in Lansdowne in January 1970. These stories appear as they were originally written in The Sun or The Evening Sun.