'Looking' season finale recap, 'Looking for Home'

Patrick has always seemed more in love with the idea of Kevin than with Kevin. 

He also seemed to like the idea of moving forward with Kevin more than the idea of moving in with him. 

Now, who knows? 

In the final episode of the second season of HBO's "Looking," titled "Looking for Home," Patrick spots Kevin on the hookup app Grindr within hours of moving into their new place. They start a conversation about whether or not they should be strictly monogamous -- Patrick thinks definitely, Kevin thinks maybe not -- and suddenly Patrick doesn't seem that sure of the idea of moving forward with Kevin, either. 

Despite the drama, the episode doesn't leave us with any big shockers. There's no reason to gasp just before the credits roll. There are also no bold examinations of important topics in the gay world, as we saw earlier in the season with frank discussions about the HIV prevention method PrEP. 

But the episode, like any good season finale, does leave us guessing. 

Who would have thought, at the start of this season, that Agustin would be the one at the end of the season in the most steady relationship? Will it last? 

We finally see the neon light go on above Dom's dream, his carryout window. Will Dom's Chicken last? 

And then there is Patrick. 

He wanted it to work with Kevin so much, and suddenly he's prepared to toss it aside? 

Their relationship began with both of them cheating on their boyfriends with each other, and proceeded for quite some time before Kevin broke up with his now ex-boyfriend Jon, and suddenly Patrick is shocked that Kevin has difficulty tamping down his inner desire to mess around on the side? 

Despite Patrick's claim that his mother's newly-divulged infidelities have left him feeling liberated from the social expectations he thought governed his life, he's not showing any wiggle room on the whole monogamy thing. 

Yet his mind immediately goes to Richie when he and Kevin have their spat. 

Richie offered the kind of relationship that Patrick is looking for, but that was before Patrick decided last season to sabotage it with his own infidelity. 

Now, confronting new questions about monogamy and a life of constantly doubting whether Kevin is keeping it in his pants, Patrick heads straight to Richie's barber shop. 

Patrick tells Richie to buzz his head, which may or may not have been the writers' attempt to signal an impending meltdown a la Britney Spears seemingly losing her grasp on reality several years ago and buzzing her head in full view of some paparazzi. 

Earlier this season, when Patrick told Richie that he wanted Richie to cut his hair, Richie basically told him not to cheat on his existing stylist. 

Richie didn't bring that up this time around. Why not? 

How is this haircut going to end?

Viewers who have stuck with the show through this second season are sure to want to know.

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