It's insanely cold outside and only the bravest among us want to be exposed to it. Here are some good indoor options for these frigid days.

Expose your baby to culture with these fun outings

Things to do with the kids when you're snowed in

With this weekend's historic blizzard keeping many school districts closed, parents are likely finding themselves cooped up inside with some restless young ones. Here are some ideas to keep them warm and happy — and keep you sane.

Craft of the Month | Colorful baskets

As the mom of a boy obsessed with toys, my love for a good - and easy - organizational system goes deep. I find baskets to be the best "catch-all" and the easiest way to get a child involved in the cleaning-up process. These colorful baskets work double duty keeping your play space both clean and cute! - Text and photos by Meghan Leimenstoll

Craft of the Month: Mommy and Me Canvas Art

This project brings out the inner Picasso in your child while ultimately giving you an impressive piece of family art

Craft of the Month: Colored Pencil Shadowbox

Colored Pencil Shadowbox Maryland Family August Craft

Craft of the month: Snowflake Suncatcher

If you're stuck inside on a snowy day, bring a little light and color into your house with this fun craft project. No two snowflakes are alike, so be creative with size and scale and make sure to supervise young children while using the beads. --Meghan Leimenstoll

Pebble-lantern craft

No indoor or outdoor tent is complete without a proper camp lantern. Once lit, the glass pebbles will cast a fun glow in your tent and you can enjoy lighting up the night with you child! And because this uses a battery-operated tea light, there are no candles to worry about. (You can use this same method to decorate votive holders, too.)

Kids in the Kitchen | Mussel party

A fun DIY pizza party

DIY pizza party

Kids' Cooking Club Week 5: Mexican Shepard's Pie

School Night Mexican Shepard's Pie with Chef Nikki McGowan

Kids Cooking Club Week 1: Guacamole

Each week during June, check the Maryland Family website for a new kid-friendly recipe designed by a local chef