Painted-washer necklace craft

On beautiful, rare occasions, you can find a craft project that is fun for the kiddos and that also produces something you would actually use or wear in your adult life. I call that a crafting sweet spot!

These painted washer necklaces would be the perfect rainy-day activity for your budding artist. Because the project uses nail polish, this project lends itself to an older child who can work with the materials safely.


Metal washers in various sizes
(We used 1.5-inch to 2-inch washers found at hardware stores.)

Nail polish (Use what you have on hand, or stock up at the dollar store.)

Baker’s twine or suede jewelry twine

Crafting/jewelry beads in various sizes

Needles. (Entire needle should fit through the bead hole.)


Vaseline or Aquaphor (optional)


Paint washers with nail polish and allow to dry. Apply with a heavy hand. You may need more than one coat depending on coverage. I only painted the top side of my washer, but you could do both sides with adequate drying time in between.

Fold a long piece of twine in half and thread through the hole of the washer. Take the two loose ends of the twine, thread through the folded section and pull tight to create a knot around the washer.

Using a needle, or your fingers, thread beads onto the twine. You may want to grease the ends of the twine with Vaseline or Aquaphor to make it easier to thread. Use as few or as many beads as you’d like.

Tie the two loose pieces of string together into a strong knot to create your necklace. Trim excess twine. 

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