Glimpsed at Work: Christy Scaljon

Christy Scaljon has a secret for getting good style -- get a fashionable roommate. "We share closets," said the 24-year-old Fells Point resident, who described her sense of style as comfortable and budget-conscious. "That way we don't have to spend as much money." The gallery assistant at Renaissance Fine Arts in Pikesville captured the equestrian look with her red pants tucked into her black riding boots, both from Urban Outfitters. Her Old Navy shirt was layered underneath her roommate's beige cardigan. She added a pop of pattern with her DKNY scarf from Kohl's, which she also shopped from her roommate's closet. Her red Fendi purse was pursed at the popular consignment store Wear It's At. Her ring and necklace were both purchased on "The key to great style is feeling great in whatever you wear," she said.
Photo by Colby Ware, for The Baltimore Sun
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