Glimpsed at V-NO: Ellington West

When you fling on some clothes to run out and pick up a take-out dinner, do you look like this? Fells Point resident Ellington West, 24, was all apologetic about how she was dressed when we "glimpsed" her dropping by V-NO Wine Bar to pick up a bottle of wine and dinner at the Japanese restaurant next door for herself and her boyfriend. No sloppy sweatpants and some freebie T-shirt for her. West had "thrown on" a white cotton square-neck T-shirt with puffed sleeves from Nordstrom, along with a pair of cute J. Crew shorts and some camel leather Bebe wedges. Her gold plastic headband was a Rite Aid find. "Typically, I'm a dress kind of girl," says the manager of the Party Dress boutique. "I throw on a dress, shoes and accessories and call it a day. It's one-stop shopping."
Photo by Colby Ware, Special to The Baltimore Sun
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