Glimpsed at Townhouse Kitchen + Bar: Amy Buxbaum

Amy Buxbaum, 22, likes a style that's "classic with some trends." The Pikesville resident -- who's about to head to Houston for a new job as human capital consultant for Deloitte - shows off her style at Townhouse Kitchen + Bar in a cafe au lait J. Crew sleeveless silk blouse with ruffled tuxedo front with skinny J Brand jeans from South Moon Under and natural leather Guess huarache wedge sandals from Nordstrom. She found her taupe Chanel-style cross-body bag at South Moon Under. Her pearl stud earrings were a gift. Her secret to putting a look together? "I pick one thing that has a lot of flair and choose everything else to complement it but not overshadow it," she says.
Amy Davis, The Baltimore Sun
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