'24' cast and character guide

The Bauers:

Kiefer Sutherland: Jack -- Head of the government's Counter Terrorism Unit, Teri's husband and Kimberly's dad


Leslie Hope: Teri -- Jack's wife and Kimberly's mom

Elisha Cuthbert: Kimberly -- High school student, daughter of Jack and Teri


The Palmers:

Dennis Haysbert: David -- Senator from Maryland, running for President, Sherry's husband, Keith and Nicole's father

Penny Johnson Jerald: Sherry -- David's wife and mother to Keith and Nicole

Vicellous Reon: Keith -- David and Sherry's son, Nicole's brother

Megalyn Echikunwoke: Nicole -- David and Sherry's daughter, Keith's sister


Sarah Clarke: Nina Myers -- Had a fling with Jack, now dating Tony, ranks higher than Tony, CTU mole

Karina Arroyave: Jamey Farrell -- Another operative, killed by Nina


Carlos Bernard: Tony Almeida -- Dating Nina, jealous of her relationship to Jack

Michael O'Neill: Richard Walsh -- Jack's boss and mentor, died in Hour 2

Eric Balfour: Milo -- an outside contractor

Tamara Tunie: Alberta Green -- brought in to replace Jack, has a past history with Nina

Paul Schulze: Ryan Chappelle -- FBI agent who questions Jack in Hour 14.

Xander Berkeley: George Mason -- In charge at CTU after Jack is relieved of his duties. Jack shoots him with a tranquilizer dart in Hour 1.



Mia Kirshner: Mandy -- Passenger on the plane who set the bomb and escaped in a parachute

Michael Massee: Ira Gaines -- The leader

Daniel Bess: Rick -- One of the college guys who kidnaps Kim and Janet

Matthew Carey: Dan -- One of the college guys who kidnaps Kim and Janet, works in the furniture store in the Valley, killed by Ira Gaines John Hawkes: Greg Panticoff -- Man who shot the cop and works for Gaines

Silas Weir Mitchell: Eli -- At the compound, tried to rape Kim


Zeljko Ivanek: Andre Drazen -- Gaines' boss

Currie Graham: Cofell -- A "business man" whom Jack kidnaps and questions. He dies in Episode 10.

Richard Burgi: Alan York/Kevin -- Posing as Janet's dad, spends time with Teri looking for their daughters, works for Ira Gaines

Misha Collins: Alexis Drazen -- Assassin, Andre Drazen's brother, had an affair with Elizabeth

Henri Lubatti: Jovan Myovic -- Assassin looking for Teri and Kim

Dennis Hopper: Victor Drazen -- father of Andre and Alexis, man Jack thought he killed two years ago



Tanya Wright: Patty Brooks -- Sen. Palmer's campaign manager

Jude Ciccolella: Mike Novick -- Sen. Palmer's chief of staff

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John Prosky: Dr. George Ferragamo -- Keith's therapist, leaks story to the press and is killed by Palmer's people

Jacqui Maxwell: Janet York -- Alan's daughter, Kimberly's rebellious best friend, killed by Gaines

Kathleen Wilhoite: Lauren Proctor -- Waitress that Jack holds hostage. She escapes and turns Jack in.


Navi Rawat: Melanie -- Girl who lives with Dan and Rick

Edoardo Ballerini: Frank -- Dan's brother, a drug dealer

Vincent Angell: Dr. Phil Parslow -- A good friend of Teri's, comes to get her when she is found with amnesia

Lou Diamond Phillips: Mark DeSalvo -- A Department of Defense agent assigned to Victor Drazen