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Annapolis Cup Croquet Match

While the 2018 Annapolis Cup may have flashed back to a certain historical era, the outfit sported by Maya Matais, 21, reflected some of the personal history of its wearer, a U.S. Naval Academy second class midshipman (Class of 2019).

“I got the dress for my cousin’s wedding when I was 16,” said the math major, cheerleader and Academy Spirit Team commander.

The polka-dot sheer hose was a purchase in Barcelona, Spain, where she and some friends went for spring break.

The handbag was something she borrowed from her uniform requirements.

“In our summer whites, you can only have a white purse; no tassels, super clean,” she said.

But those hot pink pumps? They’re one of the few breaks from the usual uniform allowed at Dining Out, an annual Academy event where cadets wear their “mess dress” uniforms, with one exception.

“Men get to wear a different color — or patterned — bowtie and women get to wear their own heels instead of the issued pumps. I picked these shoes out my plebe year,” she said.

However, the veiled beaucoiff hat hearkened back to a time before Matais — or the tournament itself — existed.

“It’s been in my closet since fifth grade. My mom and I found it for a history project where you had to dress up as a historical figure and give a presentation. My report was on Marie Curie, the scientist who discovered radium,” she said.

HER ENSEMBLE: Coincidence & Chance mint emerald green skater dress with polka-dot tulle bodice from Urban Outfitters. Franco Sarto hot pink suede pumps and Anne Klein watch from Nordstrom Rack. Polka-dot sheer pantyhose purchased in Barcelona, Spain. White shoulder bag from Michael Kors outlet. Hat from vintage clothing store in Tucson, Ariz.

Paul W. Gillespie / Capital Gazette
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