Obama slow jams the campaign on late-night TV with Jimmy Fallon

The Baltimore Sun

Tuesday night, there was a two-hour report by "Frontline" that explained better than anything I have ever seen on TV how the middle-class got shredded by Wall Street and sold-out by our elected leaders in Washintgon -- and that includes Democrats in the White House.

There were also presidential primaries that made Mitt Romney all but official as the GOP candidate.

But all anyone will be talking about this morning is President Barack Obama slow jamming the news with latenight host Jimmy Fallon at the University of North Carolina.

This is what presidential politics and media have come to -- for better or worse. The social media assault that the Obama campaign ran alongside this performance last night was awesome.

You tell me if this is a better or worse way to elect presidents.

I say this is who and what we are anyway: A nation that wants nothing more than to be entertained and amused -- not only by entertainers anymore, but even our late-night entertainer-in-chief.

And don't tell me about Bill Clinton with his saxophone on Arsenio Hall. That was Candidate Clinton, not President Clinton.

Borrowing the language used on social media last night to celebrate the president's performance, I would urge you think of how "cool" and "smooth" Obama was with Fallon as you pull up to the gas pump today. See if it makes you feel better.

I know, the president says he can't do anything about gas prices, so we shouldn't blame him. We should just enjoy his ability to divert our attention from such matters by his skilled use of media.

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