We'll be talking Chelsea Clinton Gayle King, Bob Costas on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday

The Baltimore Sun

What does it say about NBC News and its priorities that it hired Chelsea Clinton as a correspondent for Brian Williams' overblown "Rock Center" newsmagazine? And why are some people still talking about the interview Bob Costas did last Monday with accused child rapist and former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky?

And can Gayle King and Charlie Rose put a dent in the curse of weekday mornings on CBS?

Those are some of the questions host Howard Kurtz will be asking me and two of my favorite media-critic colleagues Sunday at 11 a.m. on CNN's "Reliable Sources." I'll be on a panel with Marisa Guthrie, of the Hollywood Reporter, and Eric Deggans, of the St. Petersburg Times.

You can read Deggans' advance word on the panel here. He and Guthrie really are two of the best. It should be fun.

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