Waiting, waiting, waiting for NBC News to explain pulling Mohyeldin from Gaza

The Baltimore Sun

I can't wait to hear the full explanation from NBC as to why it pulled correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza on the eve of the Israeli invasion today.

The act came after the former Al Jazeera reporter had done two weeks of superb on-the-ground reporting from Gaza. I wrote about that reporting here and here.

Mohyeldin was replaced by Richard Engel, the network's chief foreign correspondent. The only explanation the network provided was that the move was made for "security concerns," according to Glenn Greenwald, who reported the story here.

As much contempt as I have for the lack of journalistic backbone at NBC News management, I am not going to jump to conclusions as to why the move was made.

Given today's invasion and the powerful reporting that Mohyeldin had been doing on the suffering in Gaza, particularly in telling the story of four Palestinian boys killed on a beach by Israeli troops Wednesday, I am going to wait until NBC News clarifies what those "security concerns" were that allegedly warranted Mohyeldin's removal and the insertion of Engel.


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