Baltimore's Mr. Wrong cashes out with $250,000 on 'Millionaire'

Joe MacLeod reaching for game-show glory - or, at least, some serious money.

UPDATE: Joe MacLeod got to the $500,000 question and cashed out with his $250,000 winnings Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the show said.

Joe MacLeod, who writes the "Mr. Wrong" column for Baltimore's City Paper, appears to be close to running the table on the syndicated version of the "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" game show this week.

Video highlights of this week's episodes include images of MacLeod dancing around the stage while $250,000 flashes on the screen. See that video here.

"You are two questions away from $1 million," host Chris Harrison says to MacLeod on the promotional video.

The show airs at noon weekdays on WMAR (Channel 2).

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