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Maryland Public Television would lose $3 million under proposed Trump budget

MPT would lose $3 million -- or about 9 percent of its budget -- under proposed Trump budget.

Maryland Public Television would lose about $3 million under the budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration, the state network said. 

That's the amount of MPT's grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for fiscal year 2017 — roughly 9 percent of its budget. The preliminary budget proposal released by the Trump administration Thursday would eliminate the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and its $445 million budget. 

"Losing CPB funding would strike a crippling blow to the station and have a profound impact on MPT productions and other services we deliver to citizens of Maryland and surrounding states," MPT President and CEO Larry Unger said in a statement emailed to The Baltimore Sun.

"A loss of this magnitude could also impact the entire public TV system. While CPB funding represents about nine percent of MPT’s annual budget, some stations (particularly in rural areas) depend on their annual grant for 50 percent or more of their budget. Some of these stations may go dark, leaving their broadcast areas uncovered," he added.

Unger said public broadcasters will be fighting the cuts in Congress.

"Our industry — led by groups such as America’s Public Television Stations and PBS — is mounting an aggressive campaign to convince Congress, where there is strong support for public TV from both parties, to continue the $445 million funding for public media," he wrote.

Tribune News Services contributed to this article. 

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