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Fox dumps Sarah Palin after three-year misadventure in news

The Baltimore Sun

Call it another pitiful ending for Sarah Palin.

In what looks like a Friday afternoon leak-dump, RealClearPolitics first reported that Fox News had not renewed Palin's contract to be an analyst. That report was based on an unnamed source.

Brian Stelter, of the New York Times, later confirmed it on Twitter.

And so ends most of what's left of Palin's fling with fame since 2008, when she was named the GOP vice presidential candidate in a craven act John McCain should never be able to fully live down.

Fox News signed her in January of 2010 to be an analyst, complete with a $1 million studio built in her home in Wasilla.

Her contract ended Dec. 31, 2012, and was not renewed.

I wonder what happens to the studio now. It's a far more interesting question than what happens to Palin, who now ranks somewhere around Kate Gosselin in relevance and public opinion.

Correction: The headline on an earlier version was incorrect on the length of Palin's tenure at Fox.


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