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Critiquing the Fox debate on CNN and my call of Trump takedown

Sunday morning coming down, and Megyn Kelly's stock going up, up, up post-debate.

We talked some more today on CNN about the debate everyone seems unable to stop talking about.

I joined host Brian Stelter and former MSNBC show host Abby Hunstman to critique the incredible ratings success of the telecast and revisit Fox New Host Megyn Kelly's takedown of Donald Trump over his ugly comments about women and other matters.

I thought Kelly was terrific. You can read my post-debate review here.

Stelter highlighted a column I wrote in the Baltimore Sun on July 26 that ended with speculation that Kelly might do to Trump exactly what she wound up doing. You can read that column, which asked if there was a TV journalist who could do to Trump what Katie Couric did to Sarah Palin in 2008, here.

I can't get the CNN video to load, so here's the link to see it at CNN.

I think it's worth a click, particularly for an analysis in the segment that shows as huge as the reported audience of 24 million is, the actual audience Thursday night was even larger.



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