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Fox seven months late in taking on Donald Trump for Megyn Kelly attacks

Why didn't Fox hosts like Bill O'Reilly blast Trump in August when he came after Kelly?

Fox News has been getting some support for a statement it issued Friday denouncing Donald Trump for his continued attacks on show host Megyn Kelly.

But on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday, I said the tough Fox stance was about seven months late. It should have come in August when Trump first started attacking Kelly on Twitter after she questioned him in the first GOP debate about remarks he had made denigrating women.

Fox New chief Roger Ailes tried to "cut it both ways," I said, offering a statement of support for Kelly's right to question Trump, but doing it in mild enough terms that it would not offend Trump and keep him off the channel where he has shown himself to be a ratings winner.

Here's a link to that video at CNN, along with a second link to another discussion I was part of on Sunday's show talking about how TV in general "gave Trump a pass" last summer and fall, and now he is too big to bring down.

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