CNN hosts wide-open discussion on its hiring of Corey Lewandowski

CNN today provided an honest platform for a wide-open discussion on its hiring of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

I enjoyed being part of it. More importantly, I was greatly impressed by the way the channel handled it. No one tried in any way to influence what I wanted to say even though it was a sensitive topic thanks in part to all the baggage Lewandowski brought with him to his new job.

Viewers who are looking for straightforward news, information and analysis on this incredible political season should note what host Brian Stelter, his producers and the channel did today with this segment on "Reliable Sources."

Allowing outsiders to come on your stage and critique a corporate decision no-holds-barred takes a certain kind of journalistic and institutional openness and confidence that is pretty rare these days. Good for CNN.

Here's some CNN video with me calling Lewandowski a "weasel" and a"snake."

You can read what Media Matters for America, Mediaite and Raw Story had to say about the segment herehere and here, respectively.

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