Chelsea Clinton: OK, here's how I really feel about her NBC News job

The Baltimore Sun

Since others like Mediaite and Eric Wemple in the Washington Post have commented on my denunciation of NBC News on CNN's "Reliable Sources" Sunday for hiring the woefully unqualified Chelsea Clinton as a special correspondent, I guess I better explain how I really feel.

I was only warming up in denouncing this inside job among the elite one-percenters when I said: "At a time when young people who have played by the rules, who have gone to college, who have worked hard are camping out in American cities because the system has failed them in terms of providing jobs, to then take another member of that elite — the 1 percent — and give them one of those jobs is really a dispiriting message to the people in this country... I can’t think of a more cynical message right now, and it’s very upsetting that they [NBC News] would be that insensitive to what’s going on in this country with the lack of jobs."

I did not express my incredulity at the inflated rhetoric and blatant hype of NBC News President Steve Capus referring to Clinton in the network's statement as a "remarkable woman" even as he celebrated her "vast experiences."

This is the real make-you-want-to-gag line from Capus: "... it's as if Chelsea has been preparing for this opportunity her entire life."

And just to up the ante, the statement includes a quote from anchorman Brian Williams, on whose shows Clinton will appear, saying, she "possesses an uncommon understanding of humanity."


What we are really talking about here is a child of incredible privilege who refused to talk to the press and now decides she wants to be a "special" member of that group?

As for being "remarkable" and a person of such great achievement, listen, if you are 31 years old and able to go to school full time without working as she is and still haven't earned your Ph.D., well, let's just say maybe what you need is to learn how to focus your energies on a dissertation -- not a diversionary job at NBC in a discipline for which you have shown nothing but contempt.

As for her "uncommon understanding of humanity," let's just be kind and blame it on too much blood running to Brian Williams head the last time he bowed to the President.


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